DaDig: 24 hours of social media for 4/15/10

Happy Tax Day!

DA-DIG, the Daily Digest of social media and networking in Greenviille for 4/15/10.

What’s been going on in Greenville’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn world in the past 24 hours? Here’s a digest of the hits of interest for small business.

@TVAmy tweets you can get free coffee at Starbucks all day today (tax day) if you bring your own mug.

Does your organizational cultrual reward patriotism and good citizenship? posted by @Incentinel

I am not normally going to talk about news stories, but this caught my eye ( from The State. The SC Senate has overwhelming overrided the governor’s veto of a bill allowing warrantless searches of parolees and those with criminal records.

How much of the Twitter conversation is a one-way street? @MackCollier takes a look at what some Tweetstats (" ) have to tell us. (a lot of one way talk!). Want to know what your stats are? Check them out at

Computer Reports blog tackles the thorny issue of how many gigabytes you need in your iPad..(

Think Greenville doesn’t have poverty? @OEWO (Our eyes were opened, a non-profit organization) will be touring the area tomorrow from 9 to 10:45 a.m. Maybe it will open our eyes, too. DM OEWO if you’re interested.

Gil Gerretsen tweets this link ( to an article on what banks are making home loans. Good to know.

@Tvamy is looking for photos of the tea party event in Boiling Springs. Email ‘em if you’ve got ‘em to

Happiest tweet of the day: @TVAmy reports that Jenny Sanford – the governor’s ex – is dating. You go girl!
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