Communications Consulting

Use the right words because the right words matter


Writing and Editing

We can work with you on white papers, articles for publication, blog posts or website content. Give us a topic and we can write for you or let us "interview" your expert staff for content that highlights the best of your business. 

Social Media

Oh what a tangled web — Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and services we haven't even heard of yet. We work with you to decide where you can best put your efforts based on the audience you are trying to reach. Then we can help you develop campaigns or write and publish them for you. 

Newsletters and email marketing

We can write or edit your newsletters, help you curate compelling content and develop appropriate email campaigns. Have a newsletter that shows off your expertise and that your subscribers want to read!

Media Relations

Getting stories in the newspaper, local blogs or TV is all about knowing how to prepare them and present them. A 35-year media career comes in handy in knowing what the media is looking for and how to give it to them to maximize your chances of publication. 

General Consulting

There are so many places to put your time and talents. How do you know where you'll get the most bang for your buck? We can help by learning your business and working with you on a communications plan. Your plan could be on one specific product or rollout, or an overall approach to publicize your business.



Licensing of articles

If you see something you really like in our blog and you'd like to use it in your own newsletter or publication, please contact us for information on licensing and use. All content is copyrighted by Portfolio and cannot be used without our consent, but per-piece licensing is available based on business type, distribution size and frequency.