Technology and digital media are creating new ways to work, and new methods of communication with your customers, clients and staff. With nearly 40 years experience in technology and media, Portfolio is your trusted partner to find the right path whether it's as a partner in implementing mobile technology for your workforce or creating a social media presence for your business. We'll keep you on track.




BizSafe is a scaleable service to assess, identify and mitigate the internal controls and security procedures that could be leaving your business vulnerable to hackers, crackers and fraudsters. The service is offered jointly by Portfolio and Wessel Accounting, a forensic accounting and fraud investigation firm in Greenville, SC. 

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The right words in the right places

That's right, we write. Whether it's social media, direct media, or old media, we can help you articulate your goals, identify the best ways to reach your specific audience and then craft the message. Whether it's blog posts, newsletters, white papers, articles for publication or 140-character tweets, we know that the right words matter. 


Taking control of your technology

You just can't get away from it anymore.. Like it or not, technology is everywhere and a successful business today has to embrace it or risk falling far behind. Our experience in corporate technology and training can help your business successfully implement new tech projects and systems. We can be an important partner to talk tech to IT people and translate tech for you and your staff. 


Virtual events from hangout to hoopla

Whether its an online class, staff training, remote meetings, customer support or informational/marketing/sales presentations, we can provide the support you need to ensure your events are professional and productive. 


What's been on our mind?  

Our Digital Thinking blog offers advice to small businesses trying to grapple with new technology, understand the risks and benefits of social media, deploy the right campaigns and more… Here's what we're talking about lately.  See it all

Digital Thinking Blog
Lessons learned from big data breaches

Failure is the best determinator of future success. There are a lot of more inspiring quotes on this subject than this, but the point is the same. To help us all learn from others’ mistakes, periodically I like to take a current event and dig into what we can learn from it. Enter Mark Begor, the CEO of Equifax.

The Future of Work

Breaking the glass ceiling in the technology industry is important - for both women and girls and the industry itself. But in the future world of work, coding is not an end goal; it’s a jumping off point.

Nonprofit Tech

Community service is highly valued in the Upstate and we are home to thousands of local nonprofits, churches, educational institutions and local chapters of national organizations. But community members aren’t the only ones who highly value nonprofits. Hackers do too.

Got Vendors?

Vendor relationships are important. But they are also an security exposure – as many hacked corporations have learned. Managing vendor relationships from a security standpoint is a crucial piece of your cybersecurity puzzle.

Testing .. 1,2,3

One of the big reasons many system implementations fail is poor testing that gets the system off to a rocky start. Follow some best practices to ensure your testing smooths the road for a successful launch.

Data Privacy Day 2019

Jan. 28 is Data Privacy Day. Celebrate by checking out these five commons risks for both business and individuals. Up your security game for 2019.

Is this the year mobile pay goes viral?

The US again has called behind Europe and even parts of the development world in adapting to mobile payments. New rules from Visa could change that and make 2019 the year that moves us closer to cashless.