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This page has information from our presentations to various Stravolo events. We are very pleased that Steve brings us in to talk to you and hope that you find the information useful.

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The information on this page is based on our evaluation of products and services and is our opinion. We have no connection with any of these companies. 

For attendees of the Jan. 18th session, here are some links to screen casts on topics I didn't get to delve into during the presentation. And also a PDF walkthrough on using tasks including adding documents and Outlook contacts or emails to a task itself, how to track a project using a task and categories and the basics of searching. Download it. The items below are screencasts, click on the image to open the link in a new browser tab.

Exporting email for a backup

This screencast tutorial shows you how to export your email from Outlook, Apple Mail or Gmail on the web so you can make an archived backup. Best viewed in full screen. Video will open in a new window.



Creating custom Quick Steps

Turn emails into tasks or appointments with one click by using Quick Steps in Outlook 2010. Keep your inbox clean and make your mail more actionable.




Using Categories

How to set up categories in Outlook and use them for managing projects, customized searches and tracking progress.



Tasks: Adding files and items

Add Outlook items like contacts and emails, or other reference documents directly into tasks






Click on the image to download the presentation in PDF format!




Information on Outlook and Time Management:

Best practices for Outlook 2010 - a very thorough resource from the source (Microsoft) 

Employee productivity study (Inc. Magazine)

4 ways to empty your inbox (Microsoft at Work website has a lot of useful productivity tips)

Finding Great Tools and Services

Here are links to some of the services discussed in the presentation. Not all are free and, full disclosure, Portfolio has not used each and everyone of them. But we have researched them and found they have apparent advantages. Whether they will work for your business is, in the final analysis, your decision.

Meeting Management

Timebridge - Free include conference calling service

Schedule Once - Free

Doodle - Premium features available for $39 per year

Email marketing

Mail Chimp - Free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month

Productivity Suites

Google Apps for Business - Free for 10 users

Open Office - Free open-source Desktop software - mirrors Office

Zoho - A la carte suite of apps that can standalone or integrate to Google Apps

MS Office 365 - Cloud version of Microsoft, but you still must own license for the software. 

Online FTP

Send Big Files - 50 MB free

Transfer Big Files - 100 MB trasnfer free

Web Conferencing

Any Meeting - Free but ad support; no ads $18 per month for 25 

Adobe Connect - 

Go To Meeting - $46 per month for up to 15 attendees

WebEx - $19 per month for up to 15 attendees

Fuze Box - $15 per month for up to 15 attendees

Join Me - Free at basic level; $149 per year for business class

Video conferencing

Skype - Free for one-to-one; $6 per month for group Skype up to 10

Oovoo - Free for one-to-one; premium pricing for group calls

Audio conferencing

Free Conference Call - Like the name says: Free

Online forms, surveys and databases

Wufoo - Free for up to three forms; limit 10 entry fields 

Zoho Creator - $15 per month 

Project Management

Basecamp - Free for one project with limited storage; Basic account - $24 per month

5 pm - $18 per month for 5 users


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