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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

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We help you look ahead

You're just buying laptops and the tech media is pronouncing laptops are dead! Maybe you'll buy tablets but who's to say there won't be a new and better product right around the corner?

The right technology for your business isn't always the most current or the coolest. It's the technology that makes your business more efficient, more nimble, more productive and more profitable. 

You read about these topics in the Digital Maven column and our blog on business technology or Facebook page. Why not talk about them with us first hand? 

We aren't the hands-on people, but we've been on both sides of the data center so we can help articulate the technical issues to the non-technical staff and put technology concerns into perspective for both management and the IT provider. 

Ask about:

Consulting by walking around

Time spent seeing your team at work and then our suggestions on how technology can make things easier.

Best practices evaluation

A mini IT audit to let you know where your vulnerabilities may be and help to develop a plan to prioritize the fixes.

Tech Talk

We love to talk about technology. Planning an event and looking for a speaker on tech topics or maybe you want someone to help explain tech issues to your senior staff or management team. We're  there for you.  We're even known to get some laughs while you're learning.





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